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Marshall Testata AVT150H Valvestate 2000 - 150W + Cassa JCM 900 LEAD 1960

  AMPLIFICATORE IN BUONE CONDIZIONI A PARTE UNO STRAPPO SULLA TELA DELLA CASSA SOPRA LA SCRITTA MARSHALL (VEDI FOTO) 4 tube-based preamp channels Overdrive 1 radically scoops mids for aggressive driving rhythm sounds Overdrive 2 cuts high frequencies for a more bass heavy sound Drives the AVT412A (angled) and AVT412B (straight) cabs Headphone jack Speaker-emulated line-out Effects loop Level control FX mix control  

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Impianto Mark Audio 2 x Sub AS 121 S + 3 x Satelliti AS 602 - 1400W x 2 + 600W


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Vintage Flying V

  Strumento in ottime condizioni.

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Jacques Fat Burner (Compressor Booster)

  The FAT BURNER is a combo compressor sustainer headphone amp pedal . You can use it a compressor , a sustainer for clean tones or in conjunction with your fave distortion box, as a headphone practice amp with or without compression, and , last but not least for it is the innovation of the FAT BURNER, as an amp volume optimizer. 

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Electro Harmonix-Tube EQ

  Usato in ottime condizioni completo di confezione originale. True bypass using a mechanical relay Parametric EQ lets you change the EQ's center frequency and Q, allowing you to zero in on and boost specific frequencies Gain control for parametric EQ to set amount of frequency boost High/low shelving filter allows boosting or cutting the treble and bass frequencies Professional EQ package with professional sound Expression pedal input to sweep the parametric EQ's center frequency for use as a wah Great to warm up the signal chain in home studios Two 12AX7WA vacuum tubes included 12VAC-1000 power supply included

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